Parking & Transportation

NFP does not offer bus transportation at this time.

Parking: NFP parking is allowed on the street and in the lot across from the fire station. There will also be limited parking available in our former bus loop. Please note that Northshore Networks students and families have been asked to use the back parking lot.

Car drop-off & pick-up: Car drop-off/pick-up is located in the loop in front of the main office. You may use the front parking lot to park and walk-up and meet you child at the end of the day.

Drop-Off time: Students may arrive as early as 9:35am if they have a 1st period class, or no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of their class.

Lunch/Recess: Students enrolled in Period 2 or 3 classes may stay for mid-day lunch and recess.

Pick-Up time: promptly at the end of class.

Speed Limit: School traffic zone speed limit is 5 miles per hour.